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Ivanka the feminist is showing all the 
men how it’s done

I imagine that when you ring up to book a table under the name Trump, you always get a reservation.

The name, the brand means you rarely hear no’ and you almost always get your own way. But Ivanka Trump, daughter of The Donald’ and Ivana, hasn’t got the bad manners that you might associate with an upbringing of privilege, opportunity and unimaginable wealth.

She looks trust fund kid, but her effect is that of a young woman who works hard, who appreciates and who is thoughtful about her life, her family and what being a Trump means and can achieve.


TV3 got the only television interview with the 32-year-old this week. We were scheduled to go into record at 7.45am on Tuesday morning but at 7.30am, Ivanka popped into the room and politely enquired whether there was any way we could record a few minutes early because she was keen to get a round of golf in with her brothers in Doonbeg before she boarded a private jet to Scotland.

There was no one with her. No PR flunky, no make-up person, no assistant. She had earlier asked would it be okay to do the interview in trousers and a top. “May I borrow a little powder,?” she asked me.

Ivanka Trump is probably the biggest A-lister I’ve done an exclusive interview with and She was the least “tiaras and tantrums” about it.

It’s pretty standard with celebs to be told what you can and can’t ask about. And having a team of people in the room, coiffing and spraying, eyeballing you to make sure you don’t ask an awkward question is par for the course.

It sometimes feels like the celebs themselves want to hide any level of normal’ or at least keep it to a minimum. It’s like they’re afraid catching a sense of decency and almost always live down to your expectations.

Yes, she was plugging 
Doonbeg, but nothing was 
off limits for discussion.

The mother of two has a reputation for being a brilliant dealmaker and after hearing her dad refer to her as a “phenomenal” business woman, I get the impression that she’s more astute than her brothers, Don Jr and Eric.

During a 20-minute interview that was scheduled to last just seven minutes, there was only once Ivanka looked a little thrown.


Discussing being a woman in the brawny, macho, masculine world of real estate in the US, I asked her whether or not she was a feminist.

She shifted just ever so slightly in her chair and momentarily looked away. “I don’t like labels” she said.

I could sense that internally she was trying to work out whether or not being a feminist was a bad thing. Would she come across as man-hating and humourless?

Please don’t let me down, Ivanka, I was thinking. Please say you are. Please don’t be another beautiful, privileged white woman living in the Western world who says she doesn’t need feminism. “If it’s about equality, then yes I am,” she said. Phew.

Ivanka the feminist, by the way, is a very clean-living, non-drinking, non-smoking mum who has stepped out of her father’s shadow and seems to be showing the men how it’s done.