Monday 20 November 2017

It's not theft, I paid for this hotel room

Woman with bottle of shampoo
Woman with bottle of shampoo

A survey by hotels.com shows the Irish are third on a list of nationalities most likely to steal from hotel rooms. Not big stuff (like the telly or the kettle), but also not terribly little stuff (removing unused shampoo was considered fair game, for instance).

If you're curious, we're apparently not as bad as the Germans and the Argentinians.

For some reason, we don't think it's stealing. Which it obviously is. I suppose it's just another of those examples of how reality gets twisted in hotel rooms.

Why, for instance, do we expect free shampoo but no shaving foam? Or free conditioner but no toothpaste? We should start a campaign for loads more stuff to be provided by hoteliers. Which we can then nick.

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