Friday 15 December 2017

It's easy to get fit, Amanda, when you can afford the time and money

There was a time that Amanda Byram was one of our most successful television exports, forging a decent career for herself in both the US and UK and keeping her head down and getting on with her job.

Lately, however, she has done little except be photographed and give interviews.

Her latest appearance involves posing nude for a magazine. We should, of course, be delighted to see that Amanda is in such good physical shape and that, even at 41 years of age, she's not afraid to pose naked for the cameras. Furthermore, she has done so not in Playboy but in Women's Health magazine, stressing the importance of her message: "fit, not thin; strong, not skinny."

Amanda has posed naked to promote the need for a healthy, toned body, rather than losing weight for the sake of it, and thereby empower other women of a certain age to do likewise.

"If I can get into shape in two months, anyone else can," she insisted.


There are, inevitably, a couple of tiny problems with her message. Firstly, Amanda was hardly starting out at a regular size, having had a model-like figure for most of her life, so her transformation is hardly dramatic.

More importantly, in plugging the gym which got her into shape - top London celeb haunt, Twenty Two Training, which boasts actress Jennifer Lawrence amongst its clients - Amanda revealed that she went there intensively for two months, and trained with its founder, and most expensive instructor, David Wong.

So while she may congratulate herself on getting into such great shape, has it occurred to her that maybe your average 40-something woman doesn't have the time? Or, more importantly, doesn't have the money to follow in Amanda's perfectly-toned footsteps?

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