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It's a grim old life for Fran... in more ways than one

aAs I write this, the finale of Love/Hate has yet to be broadcast, so I'm unable to verify whether Fran is the latest character to meet with an untimely death. A possible hint as to Fran's lack of future, however, may inadvertently have been given by the actor who plays him, Peter Coonan (right), appearing in the very same Navan nightclub favoured by US soap stars and reality TV z-listers.

And true to form, Coonan (right) performed exactly the same tasks as the aforementioned do on their well-paid personal appearances, "happily posing" for photographs, and "joining in the fun" by pulling pints.

Coonan seems to already be looking forward to a life after Love/Hate by trading on the celebrity status which that show has given him. But if his recent behaviour is anything to go by, one fact is inescapable.

It's a fairly grim life...

D a newspaper has reported that Nadia Forde (left) is to be announced as a contestant for the new series of I'm a Celebrity... If this is true, it will be a remarkable rise to fame for the Irish model, who just over a year ago got her first major gig by performing the national anthem at an Irish soccer match in the Aviva.

So congratulations to Nadia.

One minute, there's something unpronounceable coming out of her mouth in front of 60,000 people; the next, there's something similar going into her mouth in front of 12 million...