Tuesday 12 December 2017

Is Neil Prendeville prepared to put Ryanair to his er, unique, flight test?

DJ Neil Prendeville seems quite literally to have the least self-awareness of any man on the planet.

Five months ago, Cork-based Prendeville wrote in a newspaper column of his recently-acquired love for Ryanair, and his distaste for Aer Lingus, congratulating the former by saying: "I love them even more now since they've gone on this major love-in with their customers."

Last week, he again used his newspaper column to slag off Aer Lingus, reminding everyone how much he prefers Ryanair these days, this time using the second-hand example of some friends who recently travelled with Aer Lingus and who he claimed were "treated with disdain".

He harked back to the days when "Aer Lingus used to be the kind and courteous airline," with Ryanair being the rude ones, before saying "who would have believed you'd see a complete reversal between the airlines?"


One would have thought that Neil would be a bit more reticent about offering such gratuitous opinions on the national airline.

He is, after all, known chiefly for a mid-air incident on an Aer Lingus flight three and a half years ago, when he was caught masturbating. (He later put the incident down to mixing alcohol and painkillers.) Considering the fact that Aer Lingus decided not to press charges against him, one would have though that Prendeville would, at the very least, keep his mouth shut in future.

But enough with these anecdotal stories about how Ryanair are.

If the airline is so worthy of his praise, I respectfully suggest that Neil puts his opinions to the test first hand.

Why doesn't he get boozed up, take some painkillers and hop on one of their flights, and then masturbate in full of other passengers?

I'd be interested to see how "kind and courteous" Ryanair's flight attendants are to him.

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