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Instead of altering your pictures, why not actually make the effort to get fit

A photography company that specialises in college graduation pictures has come under fire for offering a "facial slimming" package as part of its services.

For an extra €30, they'll edit your picture to make you look thinner.

It seems like an extraordinary service, especially when you consider that it is aimed at young people and has caused outrage that it sends out all the wrong signals about body image, especially at an impressionable time of people's lives.

The company in question will argue, of course, that it's simply a case of supply and demand, and its availability is a reflection of the fact that so many people who are unhappy with their appearance consider photo manipulation to be a much easier fix, than actually doing something real about it.


People on social media think nothing of putting a filter on photographs they've taken and "facial slimming" is simply a logical extension of that.

So congratulations to Brianan McEnteggart from Dundalk, who has been announced Slimming World Woman of the Year, having lost an extraordinary 20 stone in three years.

Brianan weighed an incredible 32 stone at the age of 27, but after a warning form her GP, and a domestic accident (she broke her bath), Brianan decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands.

And the secret to losing weight? She stopped eating huge amounts of crisps and chocolate, started cooking healthy meals, and actually walked to places rather than taking public transport.

All of which is a salutary lesson for those people who create a market for such devices as "face slimming" on graduation photographs.

Rather than having a photographer pretend that you have lost weight, how about making the effort to actually do it?