Monday 21 January 2019

Innocent public arereal victims

THE criminal underclasses have been making their presence known with extreme violence in front of innocent members of the public in the last few days.

This weekend saw tourists, who were soaking up the atmosphere after the American Football match in Croke Park, terrorised after a masked gunman burst into a pub in the city centre, looking for two intended targets.

Patrons screamed amid chaotic scenes when the gunmen went on a hunt for two individuals in Oil Can Harry's pub.

This latest shocking incident comes on the back of brutal slaying of 'Fat' Andy Connors in front of his innocent wife and children.

And in a Bray park earlier this week, children were playing football when Tiernan Stokes was shot in both knees.

These horrific shooting incidents will affect the innocent members of public who have witnessed them.

There needs to be a greater garda presence on the streets to deter this kind of random, wilful violence.

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