Tuesday 22 May 2018

I'm not giving up cakes, chocolate or booze, so what should I drop for Lent?

Woman browsing social media
Woman browsing social media

"What are ya giving up for Lent"? Remember being asked that question in school?

You'd answer: "Sweets...cakes and biscuits...chocolate...fizzy drinks".

Others would give more creative answers: ketchup, watching TV, tea and sugar, getting the bus to school.

You'd have 40 days of abstinence and then on Easter Sunday, you'd eat/drink/consume yourself stupid.

I can vividly see the big glass jar into which I would put all the sweets and chocolate that came my way. I would take it out each evening and torture myself.

To be honest, I wasn't the best 'Lent kid' going. If I was feeling a little low, or even a little peckish, I would tip-toe upstairs and quietly open a bar.

This in itself was quite a feat - do you know how loud chocolate wrappers are when you're unwrapping them instead of saying your prayers?


Anyway, it's been years since I have fasted (with anything apart from alcohol). I wonder what would be the most challenging things I could give up for Lent as an adult in 2015?

Well, social media is one thing that I could do without for a while. In fact, my iPhone apps could all be deleted.

I could certainly give up television for a while. I spend a huge amount of time each evening with the box on and it would do me no harm to open a book or two.

Of course, there's the flip side of things. Instead of giving up, I could actually do something.

Exercise, go to the theatre, join a choir, take up a language.

Lent is probably the perfect time to make some changes in one's life.

But unfortunately I don't have any connection to this religious period, so I will just have to continue leading my very sinful existence...without any fasting!

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