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I'm beyond excited about Matt's return

mI'm very, very happy that Matt Damon is gonna stick it to Jeremy Renner and come back to star in the new Jason Bourne movie (Renner's been dropped, in case you hadn't heard). It makes me almost as happy as the news that Toy Story 4 is going to be made. That's the action and the animation covered on the big screen next year - happy days!

WWhat with the Ireland-South Africa rugby match, the Love/Hate finale and the opening episode of The Fall, I'd say everyone's nerves were in tatters by the end of last weekend. As someone posted on Twitter, bring back Glenroe and the easy, relaxed Sunday evening viewing!

SIt's sad to hear that RTE broadcaster Brian Farrell has passed away. He was one the most intelligent, articulate and incisive interviewers we have ever had from the national broadcaster. For many of us he was the face of elections in Ireland back in the day. May he rest in peace.