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If you won't listen to Colin Farrell ... then listen to my mother

Colin Farrell and my mother have something in common. Apart from their devilishly good looks, of course, they both feel passionately about marriage equality.

There is something very moving when a family member sticks up for a loved one.

Colin spoke recently about his brother Eamon, and how it is insane that he had to leave Ireland to marry his partner. The movie star has pleaded with everyone to register in time for the marriage equality vote.

November 25 is the last date to sign up for the electoral register and be eligible to vote in 2015 - when the referendum on civil marriage for same-sex couples is planned.


My mother agrees with Colin. I asked her to write a few lines on what Marriage Equality means to her. I cannot tell you how moved I was with what she wrote.

"Democracy is flawed. Of course it is. It involves the human race. Nevertheless, I willingly and joyfully choose it above any other system of government. Being born into a democratic little country like Ireland (for which my father fought) is something for which I am grateful and proud.

"I have the freedom to wear what I like, express an opinion, vote. I can b*tch about some lame-brained public official.

"They, in fact, may not be terminally stupid but I can air my ire and frustration. I'm not obliged to belong to any religious belief system, if I choose not to. I have a voice. That's it.

"What have I done with all this freedom? I have policed myself. I have shown respect towards my fellow man, whatever his/her beliefs are.

"Nobody told me I could not get married, could not have 7 children. I fitted into a social and religious template which did not allow for the diversity of the human race. I was not asking anyone to question the status quo.

"Marriage equality will give all our people the rights that were mine automatically, because I was heterosexual.


"It is difficult for some to accept that same sex marriage will be available to those who want it, and that same sex couples will have children.

"They'll be just like heterosexual couples. Happy, not happy. Good parents, indifferent parents. Darby and Darby. Joan and Joan. Who knows?

"It's my democratic right to vote. What my vote will be is my business. And everyone else can do what their conscience dictates. Ah, freedom. I love it."

And I love you Mam.

Please register to vote by November 25. Like Colin Farrell and my mother, it will allow you to be part of creating an equal society.