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If you want a lesson in stopping protests ... take a trip to Lansdowne Road

there was plenty to occupy ourselves with in a week when Bob Geldof yet again showed what a boor he is whenever anyone dares to question his actions.

The Band Aid campaigner behaved in a thoroughly rude and obnoxious manner during a live interview on Sky News to promote the latest instalment of the embarrassing charity single.

Elsewhere, it was nothing short of shocking that people approached the scene of an accident in Waterford in which a 2-year-old child died, and filmed the scene on their mobile phones.

What is wrong with these people? Were they going to show it to their mates down the pub? Upload it and hope to cause 'an internet sensation'? (my pet hate phrase of recent years).

Just because you have a filming facility on your expensive little gadget doesn't mean you're obliged to use it. Anyway, I hope ye all sleep well at night and are thoroughly pleased with yourselves.

Then there was the wonderful irony of Gerry Adams coming out in favour of Women's Aid Day while conveniently failing to mention Jean McConville, the widowed mother-of-ten who received very little by way of 'aid' when she was abducted in front of her children, murdered in cold blood and dumped in an unmarked grave by the IRA.

Don't forget to mention her the next time a Sinn Fein-IRA candidate comes calling for your vote.

Still, at least sport provides an oasis of sanity and reason in an otherwise crazy world.

Oh, hang on. The antics of FIFA grow ever more brazen with each passing week.

Not only do they produce a report on the bidding process by which Russia and Qatar (stop laughing down the back, you lot) were granted the World Cups for 2018 and 2022 and decide 'move along, nothing to see here', but the following day the investigator, Michael Garcia, pointed out that they'd taken his findings completely out of context.

He'd been hampered by the lack of any co-operation whatsoever from Russia - he was effectively banned from entering the country - while the Qatar bid was suspect in the extreme.

Really, the only logical option at this stage is for several of the European football powers to secede from FIFA and set up their own tournament.

Should the likes of, say, Germany, England, France, Spain and Italy tell Sepp Blatter to go and get stuffed then it'd only be a matter of time before the South American big boys and the USA joined the breakaway and left Blatter to hold his own mini-tournament in a desert hellhole with nobody in the real footballing world paying the blindest bit of notice. Makes sense to me.

And staying with football matters, just what the hell was going on during Tuesday's friendly against the USA.


A peaceful protest (in the truest sense of the phrase, not the Paul Murphy and Ruth Coppinger definition) by You Boys in Green against the ticket distribution for the away game against Scotland, led to reports of banners being confiscated in the section of the stand allocated to the singing section.

So, in a part of the ground dedicated to those supporters who try to inject some semblance of atmosphere to the tomb-like surroundings of the Aviva, stewards were sent in to stop a few banners being unfurled.

I could be missing something here, but I'm guessing that with Poland due here for a crucial qualifier in March - bringing a large number of travelling fans alongside the thousands of Poles living here already who'll bag tickets all over the ground - we may as well be playing the game in Warsaw.

As the saying goes, with friends like these...