Saturday 19 January 2019

If Sinead has time to complain about U2, she's got time to delete it off her iPhone

One can hardly be surprised at the idiotic comments that greeted the free giveaway of U2's latest album on iTunes.

moronic attention-seekers worldwide were talking about "invasion of privacy" when they woke to find the band's songs on their beloved smart phones.

But it's a different, altogether more extraordinary thing when someone as smart as Sinead O'Connor starts using the same language.

As with all subjects du jour, the pint-sized songstress has felt it incumbent upon her to give her tuppence worth on the subject of the U2 album, and her reaction is not just, in true Sinead style, utterly bizarre - it is utterly indefensible.

"It's an embarrassment if someone finds my phone and they think I've bought a U2 album," she revealed.

"I didn't like it suddenly invading my telephone like a terrorist."

At a time when genuine terrorism is in the headlines every day, Sinead's equation of music being uploaded onto her phone without her permission is beyond idiotic.

And the question must be asked why, like all the half-wits who have raged about getting something unwanted for free from U2, she didn't just spend 30 seconds of her life deleting it?

After all, judging by the endless hours she spends composing her eccentric, rambling blog, and talking to just about every journalist who calls her up, it's not like she doesn't have the time.

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