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If only all our weekends were like this

KKatie Taylor and the Irish rugby team made my weekend. If only all November weekends had terrific results like that, the winter would be much more bearable. As it stands Rob Kearney, Ian Madigan and Katie Taylor are my heroes of the year.

fAs much as Twitter was giving it a bit of a lashing, I really enjoyed the TV3 Toy Show. I thought Brian McFadden was brilliant. I suppose I am used to seeing Karen Koster and know that she is an experienced broadcaster. But I didn't really know what to expect from Brian. He was super with the kids, very at ease in front of the camera and kept a tight reign on the loose cannons that were Jedward. Note to TV3 bosses: I think Brian and Karen would make a terrific TV couple.

II'd love to know the full story as to why Paul Higgins has parted ways with One Direction. The well-known tour manager, who has been with the band since 2010 allegedly fell out with Zayn Malik and has handed in his notice. Higgins is a well established tour manager and no doubt has a huge amount of experience dealing with a variety of other artists. Whatever the story, something very serious must have happened for him to move on.