Monday 18 December 2017

If love is blind, then affair list leak shows lust is pretty stupid

Have you checked yet?

It's simple. You just click on the websites Trustify or Cynic.al, insert your email, and within seconds you'll (hopefully) get a message saying; "You're not compromised".

Phew, the relief! Then the fun begins.

Because you can put in, not just your partner's email, but just about every email account you know and check to see if the owner has an account with the Ashley Madison adultery website.

With knowledge comes power, eh? For purposes of research I typed in my own email account yesterday and am delighted to inform readers (and my other half) that my name is not on the list of shame.

I am not among the up to 37 million people worldwide who are now insisting that their lives have been damaged, their privacy invaded and their good names trashed because of the massive data dump of users' details online by a group of hackers.


Well, they're certainly making an impact all right, even in little old Ireland there's at least 110,000 potential adulterers who are currently inventing excuses as to why their names and sexual preferences are appearing on the leaked lists.

My heart is bleeding for them. Not. Surely, if someone wants to sign up to something as crazily public as an adulterers meet-up website, they'd at least have the cop-on to use an untraceable email address to do so?

But no. The world is as full of complete idiots as it is nasty love cheats, it seems. The names in the Ashley Madison data dump include people in governments, the UN and the Vatican.

According to the hackers, the vast majority of these idiots - 95pc - are men. Which makes you wonder who were they having the affairs with?

Hilariously, in 2012 a former employee of the company sued because she claimed she had to write so many bogus (female) profiles she got repetitive strain injury.

At the moment all over Ireland there are red-faced blokes insisting that; "my mates put me on it for a joke"; "it was research for a creative portfolio"; "I must have been hacked"; or the best one of all, "I can't believe you trust me so little you looked up my name!"

All over Ireland there are thousands of women who may suspect that their husband is having an affair but who will not put their email information into a search to find out.

Why not? Because they don't want to know the truth.

Nowadays if you really want to find out if your partner is cheating there are lots of apps to help you do just that. ThaiSpy, for instance, can monitor all your partner's social media activity, while the FindMyKids tracker can tell you if your partner is where they said they would be.

Some wayward adulterers know that messages on their mobile phone might give them away so they get a spare one, purely for cheating on their wife with.

Problem is, the wife often finds it. This is how Yvonne Connolly discovered her then-husband Ronan Keating was cheating on her with a backing dancer.

She was in a position where she knew she could dump the love-cheat and still afford a decent lifestyle for herself and her kids. Some women are not so lucky.


They are afraid to confront potentially cheating partners in case they end up in poverty. So they turn a blind eye.

Others prefer to put up with a philandering husband rather than break up the family.

Why do men cheat? On Ashley Madison's "Affair Information" page, they say it's because "their spouses are overweight", because they are "bored", because of "the thrill", or because the "opportunity presents itself".

That so many men think so little of their partners and would put their marriages in jeopardy is worrying.

But what's even worse is that currently, in Ireland, there are up to 110,000 men who were stupid enough to put their contact details, sexual preferences and credit card details, onto a website whose ridiculous tag-line is; "Life is short. Have an affair".

Message to their partners? Life is short. Get a divorce.

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