Sunday 20 January 2019

If Kay was Ken would she get all this abuse?

jSo Kay Burley has been attacked again for being caught calling a protester 'a knob'. I wonder would there be as much online outrage if it was someone else? The Sky news anchor, once dubbed the 'high-heeled hellcat from Hounslow' seems to be the butt of abuse and Twitch hunts more than most. I wonder if those high heels were flat brogues and were worn by a man, would there be quite so much odium?

TThe slagging of the Dunphy/Giles ad for Dairy Milk has me baffled. The depth, breadth and range of the acting, the raw emotion, the Oscar winning performances - it's a tour de force. Free the joy? Free that ill feeling in my stomach that the pair got so much cash for this (more than Buttons, anyway). For the pair it was worth the embarrassment, but for viewers it's a case of what is seen can't be unseen. And we can't get that song out of our heads.

eAnother week, another piece of contradictory research. Now a new study says that eating high-fat diary food reduces the risk of diabetes. What about all the research about that says such food can be a contributor to causing cancer? I'll go with this latest one. Pass me a buttery slice of toast. But less bread - too much if that is bad, isn't it?

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