Sunday 21 January 2018

Ian Mallon: Chile 1, Brazil 0 in the South American league

I HOPE by the time that Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup that they learn some manners on how to treat their guests.

Because what happened to the decent members of Killester United should be a warning to anybody ever thinking of travelling to the South American state.

For a bunch of our boys to be treated with such contempt after much ado about nothing should be a lesson to all of us. I always associated Brazil with colour, life and a spirit of welcoming.


Unfortunately that vision has been muddied by a couple of over-zealous jobsworths in uniforms at Sao Paulo international airport.

I know from frantic interaction between Irish Foreign Affairs and the Brazilians today that a massive cock-up has been made by the Brazilians.

Let's just hope that the Department of Foreign Affairs does its job and get some resolution from its counterparts in Brasilia.

Coming as it does during a week when South America was being admired for its heroic spirit due to what is going on in Chile, makes it all the more unfortunate for Brazil and her people.

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