Tuesday 28 January 2020

'I 'picked off' one soldier who was crossing Grattan bridge'

Voices from The Rising

Cmdt Ned Daly
Cmdt Ned Daly

VOLUNTEERS who fought at the Four Courts garrison provided the following statements to the Bureau of Military History.

From Monday to Wednesday we had very little action...The only casualty in my section occurred...when one of our men accidentally shot himself in the foot
- Thomas Dowling

I remember well the callous...and brutal pleasure I felt when I 'picked off' one [soldier] who was crossing Grattan Bridge, although he dodged from side to side
- Cornelius O'Donovan

I saw Peadar Lawless...I asked him 'are you not in it?' He said 'no'. Later on his body and...others were found in a cellar - Sean O'Duffy The staff of Monk's Bakery...worked continuously baking bread...and we found queues of people from the neighbourhood and rationed the bread
- Patrick Kelly

Rosary after rosary was recited in the last 24 hours as the British were closing in...The firing was intense on Saturday
- Eilis Ni Riain

Cmdt Ned Daly told us of the [surrender] order received, which he had no alternative but to obey...He emphasised the fact that, while we were beaten by a superior military force, we were not, however, cowed
- Michael O'Flanagan

The [order] was received with grave disappointment, as...the great body of Volunteers had made up their minds to fight to the finish
- Eamon Morkan

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