Friday 15 December 2017

I feel so sorry for BB's Pete Bennett

I was sorry to hear about Pete Bennett from Big Brother being homeless. Pete was the cheery cheeky chappie who had Tourette's Syndrome and won BB in 2006.

He also won the hearts of the public in Britain and Ireland. It was the first time we had seen someone with Tourette's in a show that wasn't a documentary.

Pete was charming and his speech impediment was part of that charm. It seems that after the show he became addicted to ketamine and lost everything he had.

Every time I hear of how someone from Big Brother is doing, I feel a sort of connection to them. I can understand how this would have happened. So much is thrown at you when you win this show and then it all disappears.

I hope Pete gets the support and love he needs to sort his life out.

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