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How many more deaths Dr Reilly?

THE death of a man in a hospital emergency department where he could not even get a trolley during a 16-hour wait shows just how bad our A&E crisis has become.

These are precisely the kind of intolerable conditions we want Health Minister James Reilly to address with the utmost priority.

Emergency consultant Dr James Gray said Thomas Walsh died after effectively waiting in a hospital corridor with no oxygen outlet, no monitors and "appallingly poor standards of sanitation". He added this was not the first such death.

The 65-year-old was waiting in a "virtual ward" -- a euphemism for a hospital alcove or corridor.

Mr Walsh's death is shocking. It has happened long before the meltdown of July 11, which promises an acute shortage of junior doctors to staff these emergency departments.

How many more deaths do you need, minister, before you take corrective action?