Thursday 18 January 2018

Here's some free sex advice Breda

Breda O'Brien and Niamh Horan
Breda O'Brien and Niamh Horan

Breda O'Brien from the Iona Institute thinks that gay men and women should abstain from sex. She thinks that they would make better Christians if they led a celibate life. Remember decades ago we were taught this rubbish by priests and nuns? That sex was purely for procreation? I'd like to tell Breda (inset) something from my own experience. I abstained from sex for three years when I was training to be a nun. Well, two and a half years really. No kissing, no tickling, no groping - nothing. Here's a great big secret I am going to let out: I wasn't a better person. I wasn't a better Christian. I was exactly the same person, who reacted to dilemmas and situations in the same way as I would today. Breda wouldn't want a life without sex, so why should she suggest it to the gay and lesbian community?

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