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He might have a chemistry degree, but Marc still insults our intelligence

The makers of Big Brother have obviously decided that this year's instalment of the show was lacking in a certain je ne sais quoi.

And so, in attempting to spruce it up, they have called on the services of that idiotic attention-seeker, former Tallafornia star Marc O'Neill.

With the cast having failed to garner sufficient interest to air their spin-off series, Infectious, it seemed that the flame of celebrity had burned out once and for all for Tallafornia's participants.

But stripper turned organic chemist O'Neill refuses to go gently into that good night and has announced himself on Big Brother in typically forthright terms.

"I would have sex in the house," he declared, ruling out Irish housemate Jade Martina Lynch as a possible partner. I know Jade, but she's not my type. I only fancy girls who are good-looking."


Lest one might think that these are the words of a publicity-crazed cretin, Marc revealed that he has graduated from Maynooth University with first class honours in organic chemistry, which suggests that either he is brighter than his comments would attest to, or the academic standards in Maynooth have gone to the dogs.

In seeking to clarify which of those possibilities may be more accurate, consider another of his comments: "I'm a knob to live with. I'm half-naked all the time, I fart . . . I couldn't give a f**k."

Marc is aware of the dichotomy between his academic distinctions and the moronic image he portrays, explaining that "scientists don't look like me. That why I love surprising people. I love challenging people's intelligence".

To which one can only reply: "You're not challenging people's intelligence, you're insulting it."