Sunday 21 January 2018

Hard to be hot to those half your age

Madonna is delighted that so many people are supporting her in the face of the 'ageist' backlash, after she snogged the singer Drake (inset) on stage at the Coachella festival. But the problem is not ageism, it's age-gap. Madonna seems to be misunderstanding the chronological distance between her and that audience. Once you're more than 20 years older than the crowd, you can't really go for the 'sexiest-person in the room' title. You may well be the sexiest person (Madonna is tremendously hot) but an audience two decades younger won't get that. Madonna should know it if I know it. Imagine me now showing up at a rag week, it would look weird. At least I know that trying to make myself attractive by bumpin' and grindin' on the dancefloor won't improve things.

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