Tuesday 21 November 2017

'Hand grenades were being manufactured'

Voices from The Rising

Seamus Robinson
Seamus Robinson

The key role played by Liberty Hall in preparations for the Rising is evident in these witness statements given to the Bureau of Military History.

The 'armour room' on the first floor was a busy place. Improvised hand grenades were being manufactured...cartridges were being altered...bayonets were being heated... It was quite a common thing ...to find a man sitting over the fire, brewing a can of tea on one side of it, while melting a pot of lead on the other
- Matthew Connolly, Irish Citizen Army

[Easter Sunday] night they had a meeting at Liberty Hall - the last...If ever I saw a heartbroken man I saw him that night, Patrick Pearse...They struck me like men going out into a losing cause
- Marie Perolz, Irish Citizen Army

Beresford Place was full of Citizen Army men and women. Everything was bustle and excitement. We formed up in front of, and [with] our backs to, Liberty Hall...we formed up in a procession and moved along the quays, feeling as if we were walking on air
- Seamus Robinson, Irish Volunteers

The mobilisation that morning was very poor...There were barely 800 Volunteers...and less than 200 of the Citizen Army
- Liam O'Brien, IRB

On [Wednesday]...the Helga came up the river to the railway bridge and shelled Liberty Hall
- Arthur P Agnew, IRB

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