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Half-baked Berry is no champion for women

MARY Berry, the formidable and colourful judge from the BBC's Great British Bake Off, says she is not a feminist.

In a new interview she says 'feminism is a dirty word'.

What a massive disappointment. I loved Mary Berry.

She was an older woman who took no messing from any of the bakers and was well able for her fellow judge, the beyond handsome Paul Hollywood.

I should have known from her deftly placed, tightly tied neck scarves, and her perfectly hair-sprayed bouffant, that this woman had the values of someone from the 1920s.

She says: "I love when someone says 'I'll get your coat', or 'I'll look after you'."

Of course you do Mary. We all do.

I hate it when people specifically deny that they are feminists. What's the point?

Are they making themselves more akin to their male friends/colleagues, are they distancing themselves from women who are an 'embarrassment' to their gender because they fight inequality, or do they genuinely feel that the role of the feminist is pointless.

Berry feels that men should be persuaded to do things ... gently. Really Mary?

So we should coax them into doing what they should be doing, rub their backs and say 'go on son -- in your own time', so that they don't feel rushed or threatened.

What does Mary Berry actually think being a feminist means -- being angry at all men, getting insulted as they open doors for us, demanding years off when we have babies?

There is a spectrum to feminism -- and every woman should be on it. Whether it's hard-line politics, or simply support for those women in the world who are not in equal standing to men -- there is no excuse to turn your back on a cause that has changed our lives, ever.

Silly Mary Berry.