Monday 18 December 2017

Great to see women ditch the razors...

GI'M SO pleased that the Hairy Legs Club on Tumblr is providing a positive space for women who don't want to shave their legs. Women post pics of their unshaved legs and explain why they feel pressurised to remove leg hair or are uncomfortable about showing it in public. But I'm really disgusted by the men and women posting negative remarks on social media about the phenomenon. I guess it reveals just how socially-conditioned and manipulated by corporate marketing interests, we have become. They clearly have us by the short and curlys.

RHAVE you seen the really ridiculous ad for Nokia's new phone. It features a girl who has no idea what some of the technical features, presumably because she's a girl. It's just short of saying 'look, even girls can use it'. It reminded me of the line in Madmen where Joan is explaining to Peggy how a typewriter works. "The men who designed it, made it so simple that even a woman can use it." The actress in the ad is getting quite an amount of abuse on Twitter. Not the company, or people who came up with the campaign, but the actress, of course.

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