Wednesday 24 April 2019

Getting shirty? Not our Jonathan

LLesser-spotted thesp, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has surfaced in Ireland, making a rare appearance at the Barretstown Gala Ball.

What is even more surprising, however, was his dress code, because while other guests stuck to the required black-tie attire, Jonathan sported his now trademark black jacket and white t-shirt, revealing more than a glimpse of a suspiciously smooth chest.

We have long known that Jonathan's professional career has not turned out perfectly, because somewhere along the line, he seems to have lost his shirt.

SSix weeks ago, Dealing de Bréadun wrote a short, rose-tinted anecdote about disgraced former Taoiseach Charles Haughey in a Sunday newspaper.

And this weekend, he was it again.

Because while others were raging about Bertie Ahern's continuing extraction of a €140k a year pension from the Irish taxpayer, in return for sowing the seeds of this country's economic collapse, Deaglán wrote a sickly-sweet, two-page puff piece that completely avoided that subject, but instead allowed Bertie to bang on about his "humanitarian work" worldwide.

It's not just the Celtic Tiger that's back.

It seems that the fawning treatment of politicians that accompanied it is back as well.

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