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Get out on Friday – cast your vote

IT is your responsibility to vote on Friday.

The campaign and canvassing for the local and European elections is finally coming to an end.

In years to come (or perhaps even next month) the run-in will hardly be recalled with any great fondness or memory.

The lead-up to the May 23 elections has been uneventful and largely without controversy when compared to previous campaigns.

At the same time, plenty of canvassers have been met on the hustings by potential voters who are full of apathy for politicians.

The worry is that so disinterested are voters in the fate of their local councils or MEP seats that a great deal will not present at the ballot boxes.

However, to enact change or to support the status quo that is exactly what is needed - votes.

It is a fruitless exercise to give out about what candidates have been elected after the voting papers have been counted if your own sheet is not amongst the piles.

It is your responsibility to vote.