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Garda cuts are playing with lives

THE mourners had scarcely dispersed at the funeral of Det Garda Adrian Donohoe when the Dail voted down a proposal to keep 95 garda stations open.

The stations will close today as part of Government cost-cutting measures.

It is hard to disagree with Fr Michael Cusack, who told the congregation at Det Garda Donohoe's funeral that much of Ireland is going to bed at night in fear of crime. It is an uncomfortable truth that law-abiding, tax-paying people do not feel safe at this stage.

Pronouncements from Government that the gardai are adequately resourced are hard to believe.

The State has a duty to protect its citizens and their homes. It is failing in this duty. Our Government may have yet to realise this, but ordinary people already know it.

We are now in the midst of a law and order crisis. We cannot cut our way out of it.