Saturday 18 November 2017

Focus less on pay for teachers

A STRIKE threat, a union snubbing the minister and a pay claim. It must teachers' conference season.

THE ASTI and TUI have said there will be lunchtime protests at the end of the month in their ongoing war with the Department of Education over Junior Cert reforms.

Minister Jan O'Sullivan wasn't invited to the ASTI's event to see them warn of "no compromise" on the matter and refusing to rule out strike action.

Meanwhile, INTO members have been citing the recovering economy in calling for pay cuts to be reversed. Ms O'Sullivan, who was invited to that conference, cautioned them against raising expectations too high.

Teachers undeniably do a crucial job and their work must be valued. There's also no doubt that they, like other workers in both the public and private sectors, have suffered from years of austerity.

But wouldn't it be nice to hear more about our children's education and less refusals to compromise and threats of potential strikes.

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