Tuesday 23 January 2018

Fly or fry? Do both with Aer Lingus

Tayto crisps
Tayto crisps

It is debatable whether travel broadens the mind or not, but one thing is indisputable - it broadens the waistline. Hours sitting motionless on an airline seat, gorging fizzy drinks and fatty, fried food, there is in truth little that airlines can do to cure the unhealthiness of flying. But, one would have thought, they might at least try not to make it worse. Try telling that to Aer Lingus, however, who have just introduced crisp sandwiches on board their flights. So not only do you shovel the holy trinity of fatty foods inside you - crisps, white bread and butter - but the airline is charging an obscene €4 a pop for the privilege. Make Irish people more obese, while also ripping them off? The proposed takeover of Aer Lingus really can't happen quickly enough...

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