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Feud thugs cannot be let run riot

GARDAI were forced to launch a major security operation in west Dublin as some 100 people linked to two family-based gangs prepared to confront each other.

The incident is the latest in a number of tit-for-tat crimes, including assault and arson, linked to a major feud between the two groups in the Finglas area.

This week we revealed details of a video in which armed members of one gang threatened the lives of women and children.

Dozens of gardai, including armed members of the Emergency Response Unit and the Public Order Unit, were deployed yesterday as the two sides prepared to confront each other in broad daylight.

Only the quick actions of the gardai prevented serious, and possibly fatal, violence. But it is unacceptable that criminals such as these can be allowed to stage such violent confrontations, which spill over into residential areas.

Decisive action is needed to deal with these thugs.