Monday 20 November 2017

Familiar ring to Pat's 'new' show

Looking forward to the launch of his new chat show, Pat Kenny has revealed that it is a work in progress as the "brand new" format that he's undertaking will evolve over time.

"I hope the on-air feeling will be clutter-free, intimate and relaxed," he said. "The format, being new, is not set in stone, and as with every other talk-based show I have presented in the past, it will certainly evolve over time."

Without being disrespectful, one might suggest that if Pat isn't sure what the format will be like, he might watch an episode of Piers Morgan's Real Lives, as his show seems to be almost exactly modelled on it. Equally, if he's unsure what his first guest, astronaut Chris Hadfield is going to be like, I suggest he checks out the Late Late Show.

Chris has been on it, twice.

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