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Failed to make the grade on Miss Ireland? There's always Miss Bikini

Beauty pageants are regularly accused of being out of sync with modern times, with events such as Miss Ireland and The Rose of Tralee often criticised for belonging to a different, less enlightened age.

In reality, they are easy targets. The criticisms are not particularly accurate either as those shows make conscious efforts to tone down the superficial elements.

The result is that this year the Rose of Tralee came up with a thoroughly modern, impressive woman as its winner.

But while others are adapting to the times, there's one particular contest that, far from asking girls to cover up, demands that all they do is they strip down.

Because the winner of this year's Miss Bikini Ireland contest has just been announced and, no matter how the organisers may try to dress it up, it's the tackiest show in town.


The contest claims that is has "less restrictions" than Miss Ireland or Miss Universe, though in reality it seems to be a consolation prize for anyone who didn't make the cut for those contests and are happy to parade around in a bikini and high heels.

In fact, the chief restriction seems to be on the IQ on all those involved, as certain photographs posted online perfectly captured the whole tawdry event.

Two showed the winner being lifted in the air by two of Tallafornia's finest intellects, Cormac "The Cormanator" Brannigan, and Phil Penny, while another shot featured the sweaty features of Kieran Ducie, the man best-known for setting up the drug deal that resulted in Katy French's death, in a trademark leery pose, still keeping it classy after getting a suspended jail sentence.

The inevitable newspaper headline to accompany the story was "Beauty and Brains".

No offence, but where exactly?