Saturday 19 January 2019

Eoghan Corry: How Twitter was soundly beaten by good old TV

So, what did we learn? In an election that was supposed to be dominated by new media it was the old media that made the difference, if any.

TV, not Twitter, was wot won it, and lost it. Not that anybody did anything clever on TV. All of the parties blundered through their media messages. Fine Gael were relieved that Enda Kenny managed to get in and out of TV studios without falling over. "Keep Enda upright," as Daire O'Brien described it on the Eleventh Hour last night, seemed to be the height of the ambition of the FG team.

Enda went on Frontline and stayed upright, but did not do much more than that.

q The Late Debate on RTE1 radio analysed Fine Gael's enthusiasm for the new media and reminded us of how wrong they got it. Their latest stunt, the Enda Kenny Super Mario Brothers game was commissioned in the US when Ireland's technological sector needed the money. The "it's the economy, Cupid" Valentine Cards were gloriously spammed. Their database was hacked by persons unknown. Everything they did went wrong, but nobody could be sure if it made any difference. It didn't. Twitter doesn't count.


MARTIN: Great finish on the six-one news. Pity it won't help the party. The anticipated FF mini-surge never happened, which may be his fault?

KENNY: Up. Unaffected by a dreadful performance on the six-one news when he was unable to answer questions about cuts

GILMORE: Down. Finally got a good debate on Tuesday but his aggression backfired.

Catchphrase of the Campaign: "My way or Frankfurt's way." The only phrase that will endure from the past three weeks, and not in a good way...

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