Wednesday 16 January 2019

Eoghan Corry: Higgins timing his run from the left

Kingmakers were to be seen at every turn yesterday. It has been a big election for Joe Higgins and he delivered the big finish on Prime Time.

"We will not go into government with any party that would savage the rights of working people," he said.

Richard Boyd Barrett was doing what left-wingers do best, protesting outside the office of Anglo Irish Bank. Making demands of his own.

The lefties staged a photo opportunity. They are the group with the best chance of nudging Fine Gael over the line to an overall majority.

The big issue election has landed back in the small issues. Micheal Martin went on Pat Kenny to take listeners' questions. The questions were about entitlements, county sheriffs, his teacher's pension.

Potholes did not feature but they might as well have. What happened to the systemic change in politics we were all expecting?

Mario Rosenstock's TV3 sketch went back to the movies: "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this any more." Not mad enough.

"Two words" said Eamon Gilmore on the Labour Party political broadcast.

It should all be about his big phrase by now, Gilmore bearing down on the big job, doing his Barack Obama bawl of "one Ireland" at every opportunity. This was his equivalent of "yes we can". It appears we cannot.,

It is always nice to have a new word. Last night on Tonight with Vincent Browne, like Sesame Street, we learned M for monetise.

Apparently, it means to print money to pay off a debt. If only it were that simple.

Miriam O'Callaghan stirred a big debate on the role of women in politics.

Vincent Browne, the Harangue-Utan himself, is among those who jumped on it. Mary Murphy of NUI Maynooth and formerly on the National Women's Council of Ireland was pleading the case of the gentle gender. Put women in charge and the world would be a better place.

One of John Murray's texters says the only thing holding women back is their lack of belief in their own abilities.


MARTIN: Up. Big performance on the Pat Kenny and Vincent Browne shows.

KENNY: Up. Quotes Muhammad Ali, cool but also is the last refuge of the damned.

GILMORE: Down. His campaign is following a different agenda, one based on long-ago polls in which he is the main player. What went wrong?

Catchphrase of the Day: A vote for a smaller party is a vote for single-party Fine Gael government. Gilmore gets low-down and gritty.

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