Thursday 14 December 2017

Editorial: Water charge protesters' use of balaclavas is sinister

A water protester at Stoney Road North Strand
A water protester at Stoney Road North Strand

The water charge protests have taken a sinister turn.

It is within every citizen’s right to protest against something they don’t believe in.

But now some protesters are wearing balaclavas to hide their identity.

If these individuals are afraid to show their faces, which begs the question – what are they planning to do?

Tens of thousands have taken to the streets to lodge their peaceful objection to water charges, and many more have maintained a calm presence at the site of installation works on a daily basis. This is all acceptable and welcome.

But from pictures that emerged last week, it looks as though the movement has taken on a more sinister edge, and that is worrying.

Supporters claim the individuals are fearful of prosecution or having their social welfare payments halted.

But it appears some individuals are using the water charge protests as a mechanism to behave aggressively and in an intimidating manner.

Show your face if you believe in the cause.

City alive with the sound of music

O’Connell Street was alive with the sound of music last night as Julie Andrews made an appearance on the red carpet.

The actress was bowled over by fans who waited in the cold, blustery conditions for a glimpse of the movie star in the city centre.

And in true Irish style, followers burst into songs from the Sound of Music to welcome the screen legend.

It’s incredible to think that the iconic film is now 50 years old, but is still having an effect on audiences around the world.

What is perhaps more fantastic is how well the venerable Ms Andrews looked in a black velvet tailored suit at the age of 79.

With flawless skin, a svelte figure and a winning smile, we’ll have some of that fresh Alpine air that seems to have worked so well in her favour.

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