Tuesday 12 December 2017

Editorial: Violence in the city gets more brazen

Milltown Luas stop
Milltown Luas stop

Luas passengers watched in horror as a man was stabbed in the latest violent attack in our city.

The man was knifed by two assailants in a vicious attack at the Milltown platform.

He owes his life to a pair of brave security guards who intervened and halted the incident at no small risk to themselves.

The two, who went above and beyond the call of duty, were set on and pepper-sprayed and one of them suffered a stab wound himself  for his efforts.

It emerged last night that one of the suspects has himself been hospitalised due to head injuries he suffered.

Whatever the cause of the incident, there is no excuse for the violence that took place.

Whether it is assaults by drunken yobs on tourists on St Patrick’s Day or a young man being gunned down in cold blood – as happened to Paul Kavanagh less than two weeks ago – violent crime in the city seems to get more and more brazen.

Fairytales do come true as Katie knows

Katie Walsh’s stunning victory in the Irish Grand National comes as no surprise given the racing pedigree in her family.

Her dad Ted has trained many winners, and to say her brother Ruby has his own fair share of success would be the understatement of the century.

But yesterday was Katie’s day as she took victory in the biggest event of the Irish racing calendar.   

She described it as “magical, fairytale stuff”, and who would disagree?

Congratulations to her on an impressive performance.

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