Thursday 22 August 2019

Editorial: Use your vote to elect a strong government

NOW at last we've the chance for a new start. Today we vote in the most important General Election in decades.

There is absolutely no doubt we need a fresh start with energised ministers to sort out our serious problems at home and abroad.

Brian Cowen will go down in history as probably the worst Taoiseach ever to preside over our nation.

He is now consigned to history -- and not a moment too soon.

In all likelihood Enda Kenny will be Taoiseach next week.

In his interview today he has promised to deliver a hard-working government.


That is absolutely critical.

We need a leader that has the determination to deliver a leaner, keener government and public service.

We need a Cabinet that will negotiate a better deal for this country with the EU and the IMF.

Most importantly, the government must sort out our rotten banks. They must also deal with those who have brought this nation to its knees.

Fine Gael and Labour have both fought clean campaigns.

Another party in this election cannot claim to have fought such a fair campaign with its obfuscation and double speak.

There is no doubt FG and Labour are both committed to cleaning up the mess left by Brian Cowen and Bertie Ahern.

Make sure you vote today. Vote for a strong government.

Don't waste this moment.

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