Monday 17 December 2018

Editorial: Road safety must be the top priority

FOUR people have lost their lives in a weekend of terrible accidents on the nation's roads. Those four individuals all had families and loved ones and the impact of their deaths will be felt for years to come.

Each is an individual tragedy for those close to them, but their deaths also have a major effect on their communities.

Last year ended with 212 killed on our roads, a decrease on the previous year and more than 100 less than 2002.

There is an emerging culture of road safety in Ireland but much still remains to be done, with nearly half of all deaths happening at weekends.

The terrible spike in deaths this weekend shows how important it is that the safety of our roads be made a priority if lives are to be saved.

It is up to all of us to ensure as far as possible that our loved ones never have to feel the pain and heartbreak a host of new families will have to cope with every day from now on.

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