Monday 18 February 2019

Editorial: Retirement plan is just plain cheek

The raising of the retirement age for workers to help pay for the bank bailout is just adding insult to injury.

Is there simply no end to how much the ordinary people of Ireland are to be asked to pay to make up for the sins of the greedy banks?

Up to 11,000 workers nearing retirement are being told they will have to spend another year in the job as the State pension age is moved from 65 to 66 in two-and-a- half year's time.

It is due to be raised to 67 in 2021 and to 68 in 2028 to cope with the growing cost of the State pension bill.

This is yet another attack on working people who have paid their taxes and worked all their lives.

The Government has a cheek to propose that these people should work longer and harder to pay for the litany of financial mismanagements by top banks.

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