Friday 15 December 2017

Editorial: Public fury in lack of fairness is justified

Ministers and former taoisigh want to hang onto their perks no matter what. They are happy to ask the rest of us to give up our last cent in the most swingeing budget in the history of the State -- but don't ask them to feel the same pain.

The Irish public is extremely tolerant and very understanding. Unlike our European cousins, we have not taken to the streets demanding the heads of Ministers on plates.

We know there is a massive budgetary deficit and we are prepared to give our share but if, and only if, we see leadership from the top.

Fomer Taoiseach Bertie Ahern insists he needs his S Class Mercedes and the accompanying €84,000 bill, for security reasons.

The Cabinet rejects out of hand the suggestion they should have a car pooling arrangement to help slash the staggering €11m transport bill for their luxury motors -- running at €15,000 a day.

Public fury is absolutely justified. The top cats who lived the high life and greedily brought the rest of us to the bottom are still living in luxury and comfort.

We know quite well that cutting the State car transport bill would not make a big dent in our national debt but its a question of showing solidarity.

We need to see that everyone, especially those on higher incomes, is sharing the pain equally.

Mr Cowen, how can you possibly ask the rest of us to dig deep into our almost empty pockets when you will not make even the token gesture of cutting the State car bill.

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