Saturday 22 September 2018

Editorial: Pregnant women need respect

Homeless people Dublin
Homeless people Dublin

Pregnancy is a precious time and expectant mothers should be treated with care and respect.

It is unacceptable that pregnant women in Ireland should be homeless at such a vulnerable time in their lives.

The figure of 17 homeless women sleeping in squats, cars and tents in the city of Dublin is absolutely outrageous.

There are just four beds in the Anchora outreach centre available to house the expectant mums. Even more

disappointing is that social workers believe these figures are just the tip of the iceberg – referrals to the service have trebled in the past three years.

The homeless crisis in the city is getting worse, despite the promises of the Government. Dublin City Council this week confirmed that their wait list for social housing has exceeded 21,000 for the first time. There are simply no homes for families.

There needs to be a

targeted approach to reach out to women in particular to help them at this important time in the development of their babies.

Joy for lost brothers

A happy ending to a tale tinged with sadness.

Long lost brothers Jimmy and Frederick O’Donnell were born in separate mother and baby homes in 1930s Dublin.

Their mother died in a convent 19 years ago.

Neither brother knew the other existed until recent times. Thanks to the efforts of Frederick’s family, the pair have found each other after spending 78 years apart.

Both now live in England and we wish Jimmy and Frederick and their families many happy occasions in the future as they make up for previous decades.

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