Saturday 16 December 2017

Editorial: Now agony of waiting for Budget

The wait for the December Budget is like waiting for surgery or for the axe to fall. The fear and trepidation will build day by day and the latest figures for the staggering cost of the bank bailout has taken away our last shred of hope.

We were gritting our teeth trying to come to terms with cuts of €3bn, half hoping it might not be quite that bad.

Now, with yesterday's horrendous debt totals plunging us so far past the €3bn estimate we can no longer delude ourselves there will be any relief.

It's going to be an awful lot worse that we'd feared

We know it's going to hurt, cause pain and leave a lasting wound.

The prospect of another two months of warnings and hints about exactly how devastating this year's Budget is going to be is agonising.

It would almost make one wish that Brian Lenihan would bring it forward and let us hear the worst.


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