Sunday 20 October 2019

Editorial: No time for more delays by bishops

Two other bishops named in the Murphy Report are this afternoon expected to step down, following the announcement yesterday by Bishop Donal Murray that he had resigned.

It is now three weeks since the publication of the damning Murphy report, and for the sake of the victims, there must be clear decisive action. It is in nobody's interest that the process is unnecessarily protracted.

It has already taken far too long for Bishop Murray to do the right thing and the other Bishops should already have held their hands up by now. This issue should not be allowed to drag on into the New Year.

It is acknowledged that this is a period of deep crisis in the Dublin archdiocese. But how it is seen to respond to the Murphy report is crucial in its efforts to rebuild public confidence in the Catholic Church.

The feelings of the survivors of abuse must be paramount at this point in time.

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