Saturday 20 January 2018

Editorial: New M50 toll plan is outrageous

THE imposition of a string of further tolls along the M50 would be another affront not just to motorists but to everyone doing business in this city.

No-one uses the M50 for pleasure. They use the motorway because they have to, to get to work or to transport what they produce.

Adding more tolls is simply another sneaky, lazy way of increasing taxes.

It penalises private motorists and will be disastrous for businesses already under enormous pressure from increasing costs.

And has Transport Minister Noel Dempsey even considered the cost of setting up the extra collection points?

Outside of the capital, has he considered the likelihood that extra tolls on new roads will push motorists back into by-passed towns in order to save money?

The proposal is outrageous, inefficient and fundamentally flawed. It should be dropped immediately.

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