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Editorial: New car tax simply can't be enforced

CRITICS who feel the Government is completely out of touch with ordinary people have been handed more ammunition today.

Citizens struggling to meet levies, stealth taxes and mortgages now face being hit with a €900 road tax hike if they use their work vehicles for family or social journeys.

Owners will have to sign a new declaration that the vehicle will not be used for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, according to the plan by Environment Minister John Gormley.

If they are caught using the vehicle for dropping a child at school, shopping or going to church, they will face fines -- or possibly prison.

It has been slammed as "silly" and "unenforceable". In the light of the provisions already on the statute books, it's difficult to disagree.

By hitting hard-working business owners, many of them small, family-run businesses, where it hurts once again, the Government risks alienating a large sector of public.