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Editorial: Never mind 'sorry' - give back bonus

SO, former Irish Nationwide boss Michael Fingleton has finally said that he is sorry about the effect that the banking crisis has had on the country.

His expression of remorse was a long time coming, but it simply doesn't go anywhere near appeasing public anger.

He said that he had a sense of remorse about what had happened to the country as a result of events in Nationwide and other financial institutions, saying: "Of course I have, of course I have, like anybody else, I have indeed."

Well, he has more of a reason to be sorry than most. The rest of us are paying the price for the decisions made by Nationwide and other institutions at the height of the boom.

If he is truly remorseful, then one way he can show us that is by handing back his €1m bonus which he has up to now refused to return. After all, actions speak louder than words.