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Editorial: Murder like this is never justifiable

THE cold-blooded murder of a man in front of his two children at the weekend is the latest horrific act in a continuing cycle of violence.

The 25-year-old was shot dead in Dublin as children played on the street and neighbours sat in their gardens on a balmy summer evening.

He was the 18th person to die in gun violence this year, almost all of them gang-related.

The victim was known to the Garda and had a history of criminal involvement.

He was just a young boy when his own father was shot dead by gardai during a failed post office robbery in 1992.

Murders like those on Saturday can never be justified on any basis, regardless of the personal history of the victim. Gardai must get every support in their fight against the killers. It is only a question of time before innocent bystanders are killed or injured.