Tuesday 23 January 2018

Editorial: Just tell us the truth Mr Lenihan

FINALLY, we have been given a figure for the swingeing cutbacks we can expect over the next while. It will be €15bn over four years of "adjustments", with a major element of it front-loaded in the December Budget.

It has to have been one of the longest build-ups ever and has aided and abetted a fearful anticipation that lives up to our worst anxieties.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan has so far refused to put a figure on the December cuts -- and we remain in the dark about the savings to be made.

Undoubtedly we can look forward to "hairshirt" budgets with savage spending cuts and taxes that will impact on everyone's standard of living.

The €15bn figure has doubled since last year and the Government must explain, with clarity, what savings are needed, and why.

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