Wednesday 16 January 2019

Editorial: Good luck Enda, but don't delay

THE electorate's verdict on Fianna Fail was devastating and deserved, the once mighty party losing three quarters of its seats.

It was the first opportunity voters had to show exactly what they thought of politicians who had put their country into receivership.

The Fianna Fail meltdown was predicted, with Fine Gael reaping the rewards after a brilliantly fought election campaign. Like the vast majority of the electorate who voted for change, we welcome it but add a rider: time is pressing.

Fine Gael today opened contacts with possible coalition partners, but in reality there is only one player.

Labour put in its best electoral performance ever and, despite musings from some Fine Gael TDs about a pact with independents, a Fine Gael/Labour government looks inevitable.


The people urgently want a stable, secure and confident government to steer a path out of the economic mess the country is in.

There is no time to lose and Enda Kenny is well aware of it with an EU summit looming. The window of opportunity is small.

It is a possible once in a lifetime chance for fundamental change in the way we run our economy, our government and our society.

There is no time for posturing or shadow boxing and the negotiators from both parties must hammer out an agreement without prevarication.

Enda Kenny, the quiet man from Mayo, will shoulder a huge burden in bringing forward the changes demanded by the electorate.

We wish him well in forming a new government, which will truly represent what the people voted for, as quickly as possible.

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